The Classic 50 Fabric Shaver



The Classic 50 Fabric Shaver is essential for clothing maintenance in any household. Keep clothing looking fresh and new by easily removing pilling and fuzz from your entire wardrobe.
Many garments attract lint, fuzz, and pilling caused by friction from washing and wearing. It can make your garments look old and often difficult to clean.

The Classic 50 Fabric Shaver has precision blades to ensure a gentle but close shave of unsightly pilling with ease.

Your entire wardrobe will always look fresh and new.


50mm Cleaning Head

Electric Power Supply

Long Lasting Triple Action Blades

Compact Blade Cleaning brush (Included)

Replacement Blades Available

Auto Vacuum for Optimum Results

Protective Safety Cap for Easy Storage

Clear Removable Lint Catcher

Super Smooth Cleaning Head for a flawless finish

Power Indicator Light

Safety Stop is activated when the lint Catcher or Shaving Head is removed

12 Months Warranty

Measurements: 6.5cm x 8cm x 15.5cm

Suitable For: Knitwear, Windcheaters, Polar Fleece,

T-Shirts, Jackets, Uniforms, Scarves, Socks

Delicate Fabrics

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Weight 0.50 kg

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