Original Miracle Brush

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The Original Miracle Brush has become an essential part of many homes for over 40 years. Its unique high-quality cleaning surface is the best of its kind available and will last for many years of use.
Just one easy motion collects traces of lint, fluff, tissue, dandruff & hairs from clothing, upholstery & soft furnishings in seconds

Its super grip durable cleaning surface is gentle enough to be used on any fabric type. Simply brush in the direction of the arrow for quick removal of lint, fluff, dust, dandruff, pet hair and tissue that adhere to the clothing through wearing and washing. It’s easily cleaned by brushing in the opposite direction of the arrow.


Super Grip for a superior clean

Long Lasting nylon fibres

All-Purpose reversible Head

Proudly Australian Made

Measurements: 7cm x 27.5cm

Suitable For:

Everyday use for the entire household

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