Iron Shield Cover

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With the Iron Shield, you can iron any fabric without ever burning, sticking, scorching or making the garment shiny. The Iron Shield can cut down your ironing time as it retains heat in the Teflon shield.
From nylons to silk you can now iron any fabric with the maximum heat setting and never damage the fabric. The Iron Shield is also safe to iron overprints and transfers and it will renew a scratched or damaged iron face.


Fits all Irons

Prevents shining

Prevents Sticking

Prevents Scorching

Suitable for Steam or Dry Irons

Renews Irons Life

No need to adjust the heat setting

Can be used overprinted or plastic transfers

Ideal for dressmakers and craft people

Cuts ironing time in half

Approved by the Australian Sewing & Craft Industry Association

12 Months Warranty

Proudly Australian Made

Measurements: 16.5cm x 24cm

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