Double Sided Comb

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This Unique Double sided comb has fine brass teeth specifically designed to remove ANY type of animal hair from your entire household.
One side has a heavy grip on your carpets and rugs and the other side has a light grip on your clothing, lounge suites, car upholstery, and bed linen. Either side can be used to groom your pets. If you have stubborn hairs or a short haired pet simply use a light backward and forth motion to dislodge hairs embedded in the fabric surface and gather. Guaranteed to remove any type of animal hair.


Long lasting brass cleaning heads

Anti-clogging surface

Guaranteed to remove any type of animal hair

Proudly Australian Made

Measurements: 14.5cm x 19.5cm

Suitable For:

Clothing, Lounge Suites, Soft Furnishings, Car Upholstery

Bed Linen, Pet Beds, Cleaning pet brushes, Pets

Carpets & Rugs

For the Removal of any long, short, fine or coarse hairs from:

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses, Humans & Ferrets

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